Nightbane by Aster, Alex
Lightlark by Aster, Alex
Night of the witch by Raasch, Sara
That self-same metal by Williams, Brittany N
Nearer my freedom by Edinger, Monica
Braiding sweetgrass for young adults by Kimmerer, Robin Wall
Relit by Proudman, Sandra
These hollow vows by Ryan, Lexi
Even if we break by Nijkamp, Marieke
Avatar, the Last Airbender by Yee, F. C
Fire From the Sky by Åstot, Moa B
Fire from the sky by Åstot, Moa Backe
The prince and the coyote by Bowles, David
Sweet nightmare by Wolff, Tracy
Rage and Ruin by Armentrout, Jennifer L
That's not my name by Lally, Megan
Omen of ice by Accardo, Jus
The name-bearer by Hernandez, Natalia
We Are Not From Here by Sanchez, Jenny Tores
She Drives Me Crazy by Quindlen, Kelly
The Dragon Kings: Book 13 by Loth, Kimberly
The Sisterwitches: Book 4 by Cross, Katie
The summer of broken rules by Walther, K. L
Avatar, the Last Airbender by Yee, F. C