The brothers Hawthorne by Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Sheine Lende by Little Badger, Darcie
We got the beat by Miller, Jenna
And break the pretty kings by Jeong, Lena
The boy you always wanted by Quach, Michelle
When the vibe is right by Dass, Sarah
The library of shadows by Moore, Rachel
An echo in the city by Song, K. X
The shadow speaker by Okorafor, Nnedi
Wish of the wicked by Paige, Danielle
I feed her to the beast and the beast is me by Shea, Jamison
Inu-oh =
A British girl's guide to hurricanes and heartbreak by Namey, Laura Taylor
Dear Wendy by Zhao, Ann
Unholy terrors by Clipstone, Lyndall
Unnecessary drama by Kenwood, Nina
The colliding worlds of Mina Lee by Oh, Ellen
I'm not supposed to be in the dark by Neilson, Riss M
Flyboy by LeBlanc, Kasey
Last chance dance by Wilson, Lakita
La joven durmiente y el huso by Gaiman, Neil
Cielos rebeldes by Sei Lin, Ann
Leigh Howard and the ghosts of Simmons-Pierce manor by Warner, Shawn M
Brighter than the moon by Valdes Greenwood, David