That self-same metal by Williams, Brittany N
The liar's crown by Owen, Abigail
Felix ever after by Callender, Kacen
Punching the air by Zoboi, Ibi Aanu
Cake eater by Dahlin, Allyson
The Davenports by Marquis, Krystal
Darius the Great deserves better by Khorram, Adib
Fate breaker by Aveyard, Victoria
Roxy by Shusterman, Neal
Gwen & Art are not in love by Croucher, Lex
The isles of the gods by Kaufman, Amie
Off with their heads by Mikuta, Zoe Hana
Champion of fate by Blake, Kendare
They hate each other by Woody, Amanda
Holler of the fireflies by Moore, David Barclay
Seven minutes in Candyland by Wasson, Brian
Nikhil out loud by Pancholy, Maulik
The prince of the skies by Iturbe, Antonio
Wolfwood by Baer, Marianna
All that consumes us by Waters, Erica
Into the bloodred woods by Brockenbrough, Martha
We don't swim here by Tirado, Vincent
The perfect planet by Scieszka, Jon
A song of salvation by Dow, Alechia