The couch potato by John, Jory
We are still here! by Sorell, Traci
Olivetti by Millington, Allie
The Story of Selena Quintanilla by Arjona, Gloria
Garvey in the dark by Grimes, Nikki
Disgusting Jobs by Mattern, Joanne
Encanto by Cervantes, Angela
Betty & Veronica by Superstars, Archie
Histoires Pour Enfants by Minds, Outstanding
Sweet Dreams, My Love! by Admont, Shelley
Tales From Riverdale by Superstars, Archie
A Young Boy Named David Book 12 by Smith, David M
President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Winston, Sherri
The book that no one wanted to read by Ayoade, Richard
Kristy and the Snobs by Martin, Ann M
Diper överlöde by Kinney, Jeff
Divine rivals by Ross, Rebecca
Big Shot by Kinney, Jeff
Dog Tales by Amon, Uncle
Whiskers the Cat by Amon, Uncle
The Deep End by Kinney, Jeff
Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea by Pilkey, Dav
Mothering Heights by Pilkey, Dav
Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery by Martin, Ann M