Olivetti by Millington, Allie
The Story of Selena Quintanilla by Arjona, Gloria
Histoires Pour Enfants by Minds, Outstanding
Kristy and the Snobs by Martin, Ann M
Dog Tales by Amon, Uncle
Whiskers the Cat by Amon, Uncle
Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery by Martin, Ann M
Jessi's Secret Language by Martin, Ann M
The chalice of the gods by Riordan, Rick
Twas the Night Before Christmas by Moore, Clement Clarke
Claudia and the New Girl by Martin, Ann M
The Brightest Night by Sutherland, Tui T
Wings of Fire by Sutherland, Tui T
Tsar Nicolai Pegasus III Adventures  Book 2 by Thorsen, Helge
Cute Cat Stories by Amon, Uncle
Winter Turning by Sutherland, Tui T
James's Ragtag Adventures in Questworld by Doyle, M
Three Detail Stories by Leither, Nicholas
Archie Jumbo Comics Digest by Superstars, Archie
Who is Taylor Swift? by Anderson, Kirsten
No Brainer by Kinney, Jeff
The first state of being by Kelly, Erin Entrada
The one and only family by Applegate, Katherine
The night war by Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker