He-man and the masters of the universe
How to catch Santa Claus by Walstead, Alice
The Christmassy cactus by Ferry, Beth
Dr. Seuss's how the Grinch lost Christmas! by Heim, Alastair
All we need is love and a really soft pillow! by Reynolds, Peter H
Built to last by Lê, Minh
Elmo's best Thanksgiving ever! by Shepherd, Jodie
Stinky dog
Is this--winter? by Yoon, Helen
The Stupendous Switcheroo by Heider, Mary Winn
Dragonboy and the 100 hearts by Napoleoni, Fabio
Elijah's Easter suit by Jackson, Brentom
Pipa y Otto en la Amazonía by Geis, Patricia
Track star by Lyons, Kelly Starling
The young Jedi by Juhlin, Emeli
When clouds touch us by Lại, Thanhhà