The couch potato by John, Jory
We are still here! by Sorell, Traci
Olivetti by Millington, Allie
Encanto by Cervantes, Angela
President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Winston, Sherri
A Young Boy Named David Book 12 by Smith, David M
The book that no one wanted to read by Ayoade, Richard
Divine rivals by Ross, Rebecca
Chester Keene cracks the code by Magoon, Kekla
The chalice of the gods by Riordan, Rick
You should see me in a crown by Johnson, Leah
The door of no return by Alexander, Kwame
Ground Zero by Gratz, Alan
Aru Shah and the nectar of immortality by Chokshi, Roshani
Wings of Fire by Sutherland, Tui T
Daughter of the deep by Riordan, Rick
Tristan Strong destroys the world by Mbalia, Kwame
Show me a sign by LeZotte, Ann Clare
The great eggscape! by John, Jory
Premeditated Myrtle by Bunce, Elizabeth C
Coyote lost and found by Gemeinhart, Dan
Three Detail Stories by Leither, Nicholas
James's Ragtag Adventures in Questworld by Doyle, M
Ellie's English Adventures by Noble, Kim