Wings of Fire by Sutherland, Tui T
Three Detail Stories by Leither, Nicholas
James's Ragtag Adventures in Questworld by Doyle, M
Dino-Hanukkah by Wheeler, Lisa
Adia Kelbara and the circle of shamans by Hendrix, Isi
The Liars Society by Gerber, Alyson
Linus and Etta could use a win by Huntoon, Caroline
A plate of hope by Frankel, Erin
On a flake-flying day by Silverman, Buffy
Nature's rule breakers by Fries-Gaither, Jessica
Slugfest by Korman, Gordon
The Big Cheese by John, Jory
The last apple tree by Mills, Claudia
50 Bedtime Adventure Stories for Young Kids  Book 2 by Books, People With
Heroes by Gratz, Alan
We still belong by Day, Christine
Deephaven by Aldridge, Ethan M
How to save a unicorn by Cannistra, Meg
Just Lizzie by Wilfrid, Karen
The Lava Trolls by Gudjónsson, Björgvin
Bedtime Stories for Kids by Johnson, Mary
Treasure Island by Rhodes, Jewell Parker
The wild journey of Juniper Berry by Morris, Chad
Bubbly beautiful Kitty-Corn by Hale, Shannon