The brothers Hawthorne by Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
The isles of the gods by Kaufman, Amie
Champion of fate by Blake, Kendare
They hate each other by Woody, Amanda
A song of salvation by Dow, Alechia
All that consumes us by Waters, Erica
Good as gold by Buford, Candace
Wild wishes and windswept kisses by Prasad, Maya
If I have to be haunted by Sun, Miranda
Mascot by Waters, Charles
After death by De la Cruz, Melissa
Bring me your midnight by Griffin, Rachel
Wolfpack by Brunskill, Amelia
A hundred vicious turns by O'Brien, Lee Paige
A little like waking by Rex, Adam
Fate breaker by Aveyard, Victoria
Lunar New Year love story by Yang, Gene Luen
Rosie Frost & the Falcon Queen by Halliwell, Geri
Time out by Hayes, Sean
Ryan and Avery by Levithan, David
Gwen & Art are not in love by Croucher, Lex
The Borrow a Boyfriend Club by Powars, Page
Seven minutes in Candyland by Wasson, Brian
Prom babies by Magoon, Kekla