Ruthless vows by Ross, Rebecca
A tempest of tea by Faizal, Hafsah
A curse for true love by Garber, Stephanie
Foxglove by Grace, Adalyn
Rules for rule breaking by Tucker, Talia
Gwen & Art are not in love by Croucher, Lex
ASAP by Oh, Axie
Just Lizzie by Wilfrid, Karen
Phoebe's diary by Wahl, Phoebe
Shackled by Cooper, Candy J
I'm not here to make friends by Yang, Andrew
The rosewood hunt by Reed, Mackenzie
If you still recognize me by So, Cynthia
What a Desi girl wants by Khan, Sabina
The boy you always wanted by Quach, Michelle
Bellegarde by Lilac, Jamie
Loveboat forever by Wen, Abigail Hing
Kween by Chum, Vichet
The crimson fortress by Raman, Akshaya
Only this beautiful moment by Nazemian, Abdi
Good as gold by Buford, Candace
When it all syncs up by Ameyaw, Maya
Cold girls by Rae, Maxine
Summer people by Hosey, Sara