The prisoner's throne by Black, Holly
To paradise by Yanagihara, Hanya
The traitor by Evans, Richard Paul
The stern chase by Flanagan, John
Stars and smoke by Lu, Marie
The girl I am, was, and never will be by Gibney, Shannon
Mil latidos del corazón by Cass, Kiera
Hollow fires by Ahmed, Samira
Champion of fate by Blake, Kendare
I'm not here to make friends by Yang, Andrew
While you were dreaming by Rai, Alisha
Bianca Torre is afraid of everything by Winans, Justine Pucella
Nikhil out loud by Pancholy, Maulik
We ship it by Kay, Lauren
Only a monster by Len, Vanessa
A long stretch of bad days by McGinnis, Mindy
Sugaring off by French, Gillian
Love & resistance by Chen, Kara H. L
The forest demands its due by Jackson, Kosoko
Burn down, rise up by Tirado, Vincent
A multitude of dreams by Rutherford, Mara
The Grimrose girls by Pohl, Laura
Message not found by Medema, Dante
All these warriors by Tintera, Amy