Don't want to be your monster by Moulton, Deke
The light she feels inside by Wallace, Gwendolyn
Pinkalicious and the pinkamazing little library by Kann, Victoria
Construction site by Rinker, Sherri Duskey
The great Texas dragon race by Ritter, Kacy
A song of salvation by Dow, Alechia
This book is banned by Haldar, Raj
Boomi's boombox by Sekaran, Shanthi
How to catch Santa Claus by Walstead, Alice
Bruce and the legend of Soggy Hollow by Higgins, Ryan T
The Christmassy cactus by Ferry, Beth
The spirit glass by Chokshi, Roshani
Vlad, the fabulous vampire by Drago, Flavia Z
Cat kid comic club by Pilkey, Dav
Bryson the brave bison by Davenport, Nate
We planted a pumpkin by Ramsden, Rob
If I was a horse by Blackall, Sophie
Dr. Seuss's how the Grinch lost Christmas! by Heim, Alastair
Eid al-Fitr by Sabelko, Rebecca
Ruth Bader Ginsburg couldn't drive? by Gutman, Dan
Can you survive the 1925 tri-state tornado? by Manning, Matthew K
Reina Ramos meets a big puppy by Otheguy, Emma
The observologist by Clarkson, Giselle
The young Jedi by Juhlin, Emeli