The puppets of Spelhorst by DiCamillo, Kate
Dino-Hanukkah by Wheeler, Lisa
Tethered to other stars by Leahy, Elisa Stone
You and the universe by Hawking, Stephen
How to catch a Mamasaurus by Walstead, Alice
No brainer by Kinney, Jeff
Like lava in my veins by Barnes, Derrick
Deephaven by Aldridge, Ethan M
Gnome is where your heart is by Lyall, Casey
The kingdom over the sea by Nabi, Zohra
The very unfortunate wish of Melony Yoshimura by Brown, Waka T
A very dinosaur birthday by Wallace, Adam
Starboard by Skinner, Nicola
A song of salvation by Dow, Alechia
Say my name by Ho, Joanna
What you need to be warm by Gaiman, Neil
How to catch Santa Claus by Walstead, Alice
My brother is the best! by Moyle, Sabrina
Who I am by Verde, Susan
Books make good friends by Mount, Jane
Big Nate by Peirce, Lincoln
Two together by Wenzel, Brendan
What if I'm not a cat? by Winters, Kari-Lynn
Ready, set, run! by Kimmelman, Leslie