The chalice of the gods by Riordan, Rick
The kingdom over the sea by Nabi, Zohra
Dog Man by Pilkey, Dav
The probability of everything by Everett, Sarah
Pinkalicious and the pinkamazing little library by Kann, Victoria
The year my life went down the toilet by Arlow, Jake Maia
Totally psychic by Martin, Brigid
Code name Bananas by Walliams, David
Say my name by Ho, Joanna
How to catch Santa Claus by Walstead, Alice
My brother is the best! by Moyle, Sabrina
Books make good friends by Mount, Jane
Lila Greer, teacher of the year by Beaty, Andrea
Max and the purple worry by Black, Kitty
Fiona and the Easter egg hunt by Cowdrey, Richard
The Christmassy cactus by Ferry, Beth
Baller Ina by Casal, Liz
Mi tractor by Dobbins, Jan
Fury of the dragon goddess by Chadda, Sarwat
Gallowgate by Alexander, K. R
Waffles by Miles, Ellen
Dr. Seuss's how the Grinch lost Christmas! by Heim, Alastair
The last fallen realm by Kim, Graci
Rhinoceroses by Koestler-Grack, Rachel A