The book that no one wanted to read by Ayoade, Richard
The sun and the star by Riordan, Rick
The door of no return by Alexander, Kwame
Yes no maybe so by Albertalli, Becky
Hummingbird by Lloyd, Natalie
Just like that by Schmidt, Gary D
The Ogress and the orphans by Barnhill, Kelly Regan
Don't want to be your monster by Moulton, Deke
Rain rising by Comrie, Courtne
Breda's island by Foley, Jessie Ann
Sparrows in the wind by Levine, Gail Carson
The Civil War of Amos Abernathy by Leali, Michael
Treasure Island by Rhodes, Jewell Parker
Yonder by Standish, Ali
Real by Cujec, Carol
Hispanic heritage = by Mendoza, Brenda Perez
What is cultural appropriation? by Bruegl, Heather
The fort by Korman, Gordon
Days of infamy by Goldstone, Lawrence
The race of the century by Bascomb, Neal
You call this democracy? by Rusch, Elizabeth
Unfadeable by Broaddus, Maurice
Camp Famous by Blecher, Jennifer
Hello, cruel heart by Johnson, Maureen