Dirty thirty by Evanovich, Janet
The five-star weekend by Hilderbrand, Elin
The unfortunate side effects of heartbreak and magic by Randall, Breanne
Zero days by Ware, Ruth
Toxic prey by Sandford, John
The fraud by Smith, Zadie
The Graham effect by Kennedy, Elle
The girl in the eagle's talons by Smirnoff, Karin
The collector by Silva, Daniel
The watchmaker's hand by Deaver, Jeffery
Days at the Morisaki bookshop by Yagisawa, Satoshi
Jewish space lasers by Rothschild, Mike
Bellies by Dinan, Nicola
Black AF history by Harriot, Michael
Normal rules don't apply by Atkinson, Kate
He should have told the bees by Cox, Amanda
The golden gate by Chua, Amy
Rich dad, poor dad by Kiyosaki, Robert T
The boy who cried bear by Armstrong, Kelley
Can't we be friends by Bryce, Denny S