The secret by Child, Lee
Three-inch teeth by Box, C. J
The ball at Versailles by Steel, Danielle
Second act by Steel, Danielle
System collapse by Wells, Martha
Random in death by Robb, J. D
Inheritance by Roberts, Nora
Crook manifesto by Whitehead, Colson
Payback in death by Robb, J. D
The Phoenix crown by Quinn, Kate
The running grave by Galbraith, Robert
Star bringer by Wolff, Tracy
The demon of unrest by Larson, Erik
The armor of light by Follett, Ken
All the sinners bleed by Cosby, S. A
Crosshairs by Patterson, James
Unnatural death by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
After that night by Slaughter, Karin
Obsessed by Patterson, James
Lost birds by Hillerman, Anne
The mystery guest by Prose, Nita
Circle of death by Patterson, James
Absolution by McDermott, Alice
Drowning by Newman, T. J