The women by Hannah, Kristin
Tom Lake by Patchett, Ann
Storm watch by Box, C. J
The Whittiers by Steel, Danielle
Wicked beauty by Robert, Katee
Autopsy by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
The covenant of water by Verghese, Abraham
The reading list by Adams, Sara Nisha
Babel by Kuang, R. F
The berry pickers by Peters, Amanda
Foster by Keegan, Claire
Midnight is the darkest hour by Winstead, Ashley
Rage and ruin by Armentrout, Jennifer L
The detective up late by McKinty, Adrian
You shouldn't have come here by Rose, Jeneva
Writers & lovers by King, Lily
Murder at an Irish bakery by O'Connor, Carlene
The yellow bird sings by Rosner, Jennifer
Judas goat by Bates, Gabrielle
I keep my exoskeletons to myself by Crane, Marisa
The secret by Child, Lee
The perfect marriage by Rose, Jeneva
1932 by Martelle, Scott
One of Us Is Dead by Rose, Jeneva