You shouldn't have come here by Rose, Jeneva
Old God's time by Barry, Sebastian
Everyone here is lying by Lapena, Shari
Holly by King, Stephen
The wind knows my name by Allende, Isabel
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by McBride, James
The exchange by Grisham, John
Judgment prey by Sandford, John
Silver nitrate by Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
The ghost orchid by Kellerman, Jonathan
Wildfire by Grace, Hannah
Gone tonight by Pekkanen, Sarah
The first ladies by Benedict, Marie
After Annie by Quindlen, Anna
Twisted love by Huang, Ana
My name is Barbra by Streisand, Barbra
The art thief by Finkel, Michael
The waters by Campbell, Bonnie Jo
The quiet tenant by Michallon, Clémence
Lovelight Farms by Borison, B.K
Do not disturb by McFadden, Freida
Not that fancy by McEntire, Reba
The celebrants by Rowley, Steven
Raiders of the lost heart. by Segura, Jo