Tom Lake by Patchett, Ann
The woman in me by Spears, Britney
The #1 lawyer by Patterson, James
The hunter by French, Tana
Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning by Cheney, Liz
The Phoenix crown by Quinn, Kate
A tempest of tea by Faizal, Hafsah
The puppets of Spelhorst by DiCamillo, Kate
Faebound by El-Arifi, Saara
A nobleman's guide to seducing a scoundrel by Charles, KJ
Murder at the Merton Library by Penrose, Andrea
Extinction by Preston, Douglas J
The perfect guy doesn't exist by Gonzales, Sophie
The letter tree by Fordham, Rachel
If you still recognize me by So, Cynthia
Dawn of the light dragon by West, Tracey
Something, someday by Gorman, Amanda
Legend of the Star Dragon by West, Tracey
How far to the promised land by McCaulley, Esau
How to win friends and influence fungi
Let it crow! Let it crow! Let it crow! by Andrews, Donna
Hidden genius by Pompliano, Polina Marinova
Lion & Lamb by Patterson, James
Zilot & other important rhymes by Odenkirk, Bob