A crown of ivy and glass by Legrand, Claire
Resurrection walk by Connelly, Michael
Christmas presents by Unger, Lisa
The demon of unrest by Larson, Erik
House of flame and shadow by Maas, Sarah J
Never too late by Steel, Danielle
Murder inn by Patterson, James
The new couple in 5B by Unger, Lisa
The Hazelbourne ladies motorcycle and flying club by Simonson, Helen
Mind games by Roberts, Nora
Unnatural death by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
The 24th hour by Patterson, James
Prom mom by Lippman, Laura
Come and get it by Reid, Kiley
The guncle abroad by Rowley, Steven
Alex Cross must die by Patterson, James
Trail of the lost by Lankford, Andrea
Close to death by Horowitz, Anthony
Murder road by St. James, Simone
Absolution by McDermott, Alice
Upside down by Steel, Danielle
Weapons grade by Bentley, Don
Challenger by Higginbotham, Adam