Midnight is the darkest hour by Winstead, Ashley
1932 by Martelle, Scott
The secret history of Bigfoot by O'Connor, John
A nest of vipers by Nagendra, Harini
Doom Guy by Romero, John
For a Lifetime by Meyer, Gabrielle
Hard Is Not the Same Thing as Bad by Halberstadt, Abbie
I cheerfully refuse by Enger, Leif
Imagine the God of Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God's Revelation, and the Love You've Always Wanted by Burke, John
The prince and the coyote by Bowles, David
The last murder at the end of the world by Turton, Stuart
Cette Proposition irrésistible du Milliardaire by Noir, Analia
Wisdom by Adesan, Ruphina Folayemi Ojo
The Ultimate Celestial Martial Emperor: An Isekai Cultivation Progression Fantasy Novel by Dang, De Yun Piao
The Dragon Kings: Book 13 by Loth, Kimberly
Conversational Arabic Quick and Easy by Nitzany, Yatir
Histoires Pour Enfants by Minds, Outstanding
Isekai All-Powerful Leveling Exchange System: An Epic Adventure by Yun, Xiao Ji Feng
Rebirth of the Unmatched Sword God: An Immortal Cultivation by Yi, Cang Hai Xiao
Unfaithful Together by Roberts, E. L
Unmatched Emperor in Isekai: A LitRPG Cultivation Adventure by Xiao, Bai Dian Qing
The Vacation by Marrs, John
Sweet nightmare by Wolff, Tracy
Out of the far north by Tsarfati, Amir