Cold victory by Marlantes, Karl
Camino ghosts by Grisham, John
Everyone here is lying by Lapena, Shari
Inheritance by Roberts, Nora
Blessing of the lost girls by Jance, Judith A
The last devil to die by Osman, Richard
The exchange by Grisham, John
The armor of light by Follett, Ken
The fraud by Smith, Zadie
Immortal longings by Gong, Chloe
The girl in the eagle's talons by Smirnoff, Karin
Circle of death by Patterson, James
The chalice of the gods by Riordan, Rick
Absolution by McDermott, Alice
Bookshops & bonedust by Baldree, Travis
Canary girls by Chiaverini, Jennifer
Just because by McConaughey, Matthew
Nineteen steps by Brown, Millie Bobby
Valdemar by Lackey, Mercedes
Somebody's fool by Russo, Richard
The scarlet veil by Mahurin, Shelby
Dino-Hanukkah by Wheeler, Lisa
The saint of bright doors by Chandrasekera, Vajra
100 ways to change your life by Moody, Liz