Absolution by McDermott, Alice
Dino-Hanukkah by Wheeler, Lisa
A very dinosaur birthday by Wallace, Adam
Ruby Gillman, teenage Kraken
Who I am by Verde, Susan
La docena del panadero by Shepard, Aaron
Éxodo de pistoleros
Stolen prey by Sandford, John
El rancho "X" by Estefanía, M. L
You're the apple of my pie by Rossner, Rose
Art rules by Packard, Cassie
La máscara del miedo
Mama's sleeping scarf by Grace-James, Nwa
I will read to you by Sterer, Gideon
Time of the turtle king by Osborne, Mary Pope
Un beso apasionado by Lemmon, Jessica
I lived inside a whale by Li, Xin
Our traditions by Kaul, Jennifer
Aber Bergen
Truth or dare by Night, P. J
The thief collector
Noura's crescent moon by Khan, Zainab