Dino-Hanukkah by Wheeler, Lisa
How to catch Santa Claus by Walstead, Alice
Juneteenth by Garrett, Van G
Legend of the Star Dragon by West, Tracey
How does Santa go down the chimney? by Barnett, Mac
Dr. Seuss's how the Grinch lost Christmas! by Heim, Alastair
Cranky by Tran, Phuc
Dasher can't wait for Christmas by Tavares, Matt
The secret life of the Loch Ness monster by Harper, Benjamin
A very cranky book by DiTerlizzi, Angela
Weather together by Sima, Jessie
Curious about turtles by Thielges, Alissa
Pizza and Taco by Shaskan, Stephen
How to track an Easter bunny by Fliess, Sue
Frank and Bean by Michalak, Jamie
Isabel and Cloud by Sykes, Julie
Layla and Dancer by Sykes, Julie
Hiʻiaka and Panaʻewa by Ahuli'i, Gabrielle
My life with cerebral palsy by Schuh, Mari C
I was born a baby by Fleming, Meg
Corre, pequeno Chaski! by Llanos, Mariana
Your brain when you're happy by Colich, Abby
Robot rebellion by Neal, Rie
Secret spell by Chapman, Linda