The women by Hannah, Kristin
A nest of vipers by Nagendra, Harini
First frost by Johnson, Craig
The Last Murder at the End of the World by Turton, Stuart
The secret history of Bigfoot by O'Connor, John
The teacher by McFadden, Freida
Three-inch teeth by Box, C. J
Sweet nightmare by Wolff, Tracy
Funny story by Henry, Emily
The wife upstairs by McFadden, Freida
Fire from the sky by Åstot, Moa Backe
The lantern's dance by King, Laurie R
I cheerfully refuse by Enger, Leif
The night island by Krentz, Jayne Ann
Mr. Jimmy from around the way by Blount, Jeffrey
Rabbit hole by Brody, Kate
A Calamity of Souls by Baldacci, David
When the jessamine grows by Everhart, Donna
The hunter by French, Tana
Random in death by Robb, J. D
Erasure by Everett, Percival
Toxic prey by Sandford, John
The #1 lawyer by Patterson, James
The murder of Mr. Ma by Nee, John Shen Yen