Three-inch teeth by Box, C. J
The ghost orchid by Kellerman, Jonathan
Crosshairs by Patterson, James
Reading Genesis by Robinson, Marilynne
Come together by Nagoski, Emily
The color purple
To gaze upon wicked gods by Chang, Molly X
Bob Marley, one love
Rules for rule breaking by Tucker, Talia
It had to be you by Clark, Mary Higgins
Summer book club by Mallery, Susan
Lessons for survival by Raboteau, Emily
A plate of hope by Frankel, Erin
Becoming Madam Secretary by Dray, Stephanie
A gentleman from Japan by Lockley, Thomas
Amulet by Kibuishi, Kazu
The last Rhee witch by Lee-Yun, Jenna
Picture puzzler by Williams, Rachel
Tree. Table. Book by Lowry, Lois
Free period by Terese, Ali
The observologist by Clarkson, Giselle
River Mumma by Reid-Benta, Zalika
Religionless Christianity by Metaxas, Eric