If only I had told her by Nowlin, Laura
Canto Contigo by Garza Villa, Jonny
What stalks among us by Hollowell, Sarah
The Collectors by King, A.S
Shut Up, This Is Serious by Ixta, Carolina
Before She Ignites by Meadows, Jodi
The Witch Hunter by Boecker, Virginia
Bag of bones by King, Stephen
Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Gornall, Louise
Infatuate by Agresti, Aimee
Dead Is Just a Rumor by Perez, Marlene
Cold Day in the Sun by Biren, Sara
I Am J by Beam, Cris
All the fighting parts by Sawyerr, Hannah V
Dead Is Not an Option by Perez, Marlene
Sons of the 613 by Rubens, Michael
The Skin Map by Lawhead, Stephen R
Forever in Love by Colasanti, Susane
Lies I Told by Zink, Michelle
Where the Rock Splits the Sky by Webb, Philip
A Girl Named Digit by Monaghan, Annabel
Infinity by Ward, Rachel
Pitch Dark by Alameda, Courtney
Spellbound by Shultz, Cara Lynn