A nest of vipers by Nagendra, Harini
First frost by Johnson, Craig
The Last Murder at the End of the World by Turton, Stuart
Shōgun, Part One by Clavell, James
El día que el cielo se caiga by Maxwell, Megan
Shōgun, Part Two by Clavell, James
Sweet nightmare by Wolff, Tracy
Funny story by Henry, Emily
Sharks in the Rivers by Limón, Ada
Fire From the Sky by Åstot, Moa B
Pederastas by Vázquez Figueroa, Alberto
I cheerfully refuse by Enger, Leif
Olivetti by Millington, Allie
Bits and Pieces by Goldberg, Whoopi
Which Brings Me to You by Almond, Steve
A Calamity of Souls by Baldacci, David
Rebirth of the Unmatched Sword God: An Immortal Cultivation by Yi, Cang Hai Xiao
Toxic prey by Sandford, John
The #1 lawyer by Patterson, James
Never too late by Steel, Danielle
The mystery writer by Gentill, Sulari
The demon of unrest by Larson, Erik
The new couple in 5B by Unger, Lisa
Learn the Art of Candlemaking by Simmons, Gary