A Calamity of Souls by Baldacci, David
The Hazelbourne ladies motorcycle and flying club by Simonson, Helen
Mind games by Roberts, Nora
The guncle abroad by Rowley, Steven
Challenger by Higginbotham, Adam
Pay dirt by Paretsky, Sara
Mean girls
Two together by Wenzel, Brendan
Addie Ant goes on an adventure by Morris, Maren
La maleta de tesoros
Prom babies by Magoon, Kekla
Bite me, Royce Taslim by Ho, Lauren
A maleta full of treasures by Sylvester, Natalia
We loved it all by Millet, Lydia
The book of mothers by Mullins, Carrie
We who produce pearls by Ho, Joanna
Fairest of all by Mlynowski, Sarah
Windy night with wild horses by Osborne, Mary Pope
Ursula upside down by Tabor, Corey R
Emma full of wonders by Cooper, Elisha
Patton's prayer by Kershaw, Alex
The monster squad
A small fortune
Stinky dog