First frost by Johnson, Craig
The demon of unrest by Larson, Erik
The rom-commers by Center, Katherine
Shelterwood by Wingate, Lisa
The guncle abroad by Rowley, Steven
Middletide by Crouch, Sarah
Challenger by Higginbotham, Adam
The glassmaker by Chevalier, Tracy
The housemaid is watching by McFadden, Freida
The last Rhee witch by Lee-Yun, Jenna
Tree. Table. Book by Lowry, Lois
The poisons we drink by Baptiste, Bethany
You'll always be my chickadee by Hosford, Kate
The monarchs of Winghaven by Moreira, Naila
Are you small? by Willems, Mo
Waiting in the wings by Andrews, Julie
The truth about the couch by Rubin, Adam
I am both by Greene, Kerisa
Barrio rising by Águila, María Dolores
Abuela's library by Norman, Lissette
Mid-Air by Williams, Alicia
Reina Ramos by Otheguy, Emma
Sam(ira)'s worst (best) summer by Hamza, Nina
A magical parade by Showers, April