Un milagro para Navidad
Una fe sin miedo
La isla misteriosa de Julio Verne
Xeneizes - The Boca's Origins by Milito, Diego Alberto
Ayar by Pedrique, Ariana
Granada Nights by Aakeel, Antonio
Cadejo Blanco by Martinez, Karen
Isaac by Ocio, Pepe
My Imaginary Country by Guzman, Patrico
La Soga 3: Vengeance by Perez, Manny
Everyone Will Burn by Gómez, Macarena
The Legend of Tayos by Moricz, Janos
The Sacrifice by Solis, Ana Grethel
Virus 32 by Ayala, Pilar García
The Cow Who Sang a Song Into the Future by Maestro, Mia
The List by Haase, Nathan Christopher
Jezabel by Aguero, Gabriel
All the Moons by Uriz, Elena
Lo Invisible by Hoeneisen, Anahí
The Fall of Alejandra by Rivero, María
Piggy by Galan, Laura
Spanish Touch by Alberti, Luis