Homesick by Sea Girls
Sleepy Soldier by Tanna Leone
If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power by Halsey
Earthling by Eddie Vedder
Major League by 350heem
Workout 2022 by Workout Trance
Chloë and the Next 20th Century by Misty, Father John
Ivory by Apollo, Omar
Romance Tropical by Various Artists
achoo! by Corook
Justin Credible Presents: Hunger Flow, Vol. 1 by Justin Credible
Causing A Scene by Queen Millz
Moved by Davion Farris
Frelsi til sölu by Bubbi Morthens
Breyttir tímar by Egó
Premio Giovanni d'anzi 18a edizione by Various Artists
Stuck in the Trap by Quality Control Music
The Lost Album From Ronnie Scott's by Charles Mingus
Dance Fever by Florence + The Machine
Las Grandes Damas by Various Artists
Slow It Down by Small Pyramids
Alles Easy by July
2 HIGH 2 DIE by Sosmula
Another World by Brian May