Nightbane by Aster, Alex
Night of the witch by Raasch, Sara
A thousand boy kisses by Cole, Tillie
The prince and the coyote by Bowles, David
Omen of ice by Accardo, Jus
Cherish by Wolff, Tracy
If only I had told her by Nowlin, Laura
Ruthless vows by Ross, Rebecca
Check & mate by Hazelwood, Ali
The chalice of the gods by Riordan, Rick
The scarlet veil by Mahurin, Shelby
My fault by Ron, Mercedes
The brothers Hawthorne by Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Murtagh by Paolini, Christopher
A curse for true love by Garber, Stephanie
This winter by Oseman, Alice
What the river knows by Ibañez, Isabel
A study in drowning by Reid, Ava
Rez ball by Graves, Byron
So let them burn by Cole, Kamilah
Foxglove by Grace, Adalyn
The spirit bares its teeth by White, Andrew Joseph
The traitor by Evans, Richard Paul
Five nights at Freddy's by Cawthon, Scott