The women by Hannah, Kristin
The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe by Lewis, C. S
1984 by Orwell, George
The kiss quotient by Hoang, Helen
Tom Lake by Patchett, Ann
The covenant of water by Verghese, Abraham
Storm watch by Box, C. J
The Whittiers by Steel, Danielle
An American marriage by Jones, Tayari
The handmaid's tale by Atwood, Margaret
Autopsy by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
The old man by Perry, Thomas
Once a rancher by Miller, Linda Lael
The reading list by Adams, Sara Nisha
Another man's moccasins by Johnson, Craig
Babel by Kuang, R. F
The berry pickers by Peters, Amanda
Flawless by Graham, Heather
The secret by Child, Lee
Three-inch teeth by Box, C. J
The family gathering by Carr, Robyn
As the crow flies by Johnson, Craig
Twenty-one days by Perry, Anne
The ball at Versailles by Steel, Danielle