Harry Potter and the deathly hallows by Rowling, J. K
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by Rowling, J. K
Mockingjay by Collins, Suzanne
The ship of the dead by Riordan, Rick
The One by Cass, Kiera
The sun and the star by Riordan, Rick
The heir by Cass, Kiera
Realm breaker by Aveyard, Victoria
The hunger games by Collins, Suzanne
The goose girl by Hale, Shannon
Stars above by Meyer, Marissa
I am number four by Lore, Pittacus
River secrets by Hale, Shannon
The width of the world by Baldacci, David
Skyhunter by Lu, Marie
Strange But (Mostly) True, Book 3 by Jacobs, Evan
Orbiting Jupiter by Schmidt, Gary D
All creatures great and small by Herriot, James
United as one by Lore, Pittacus
The fate of ten by Lore, Pittacus
The revenge of seven by Lore, Pittacus
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by Patterson, James
The House by Drake, Raelyn
The prisoner of cell 25 by Evans, Richard Paul