It's not summer without you by Han, Jenny
Norse mythology by Gaiman, Neil
The brothers Hawthorne by Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
The door of no return by Alexander, Kwame
Orbiting Jupiter by Schmidt, Gary D
All creatures great and small by Herriot, James
Fly girls by O'Brien, Keith
The prisoner of cell 25 by Evans, Richard Paul
Reborn by Rush, Jennifer
A face like glass by Hardinge, Frances
Chasing Lincoln's killer by Swanson, James L
Denis ever after by Abbott, Tony
Shallow graves by Wallace, Kali
Mascot by Waters, Charles
Uncomfortable conversations with a black boy by Acho, Emmanuel
Nanotechnology by Slingerland, Janet
The improbable theory of Ana & Zak by Katcher, Brian
Revolution by Wiles, Deborah
Hope and other punch lines by Buxbaum, Julie
The riverman by Starmer, Aaron
Ensnared in the Wolf's Lair by Bausum, Ann
Glimmerglass by Black, Jenna
How to change everything by Klein, Naomi
Ambushed! by Jarrow, Gail