Mary Poppins by Travers, P. L
The bad beginning by Snicket, Lemony
We are still here! by Sorell, Traci
The One and Only Ivan by Applegate, Katherine
Garvey in the dark by Grimes, Nikki
The Getaway by Kinney, Jeff
Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Carroll, Lewis
Dibs on This Chair by Peirce, Lincoln
Winnie the Pooh by Milne, A. A
Cristiano Ronaldo by Battista, Brianna
The call of the wild by London, Jack
LeBron James by Hewson, Anthony K
The Swiss family Robinson by Wyss, Johann David
The light princess by MacDonald, George
Blasts Off by Peirce, Lincoln
Lives It Up by Peirce, Lincoln
El principito by Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de
The Deep End by Kinney, Jeff
Old School by Kinney, Jeff
Ghosts by Telgemeier, Raina
In the Zone by Peirce, Lincoln
The house at Pooh Corner by Milne, A. A
A Christmas carol by Dickens, Charles
Jessi's Secret Language by M. Martin, Ann