Jessi's Secret Language by M. Martin, Ann
Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery by M. Martin, Ann
Dawn and the Impossible Three by M. Martin, Ann
Who is Taylor Swift? by Anderson, Kirsten
The Liars Society by Gerber, Alyson
Influencers by Pilkey, Dav
Boy-Crazy Stacey by M. Martin, Ann
Mission Manhattan by Ponti, James
I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 by Tarshis, Lauren
What Is a Solar Eclipse? by Rau, Dana Meachen
I Survived the American Revolution, 1776 by Tarshis, Lauren
The First State of Being by Kelly, Erin Entrada
I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871 by Tarshis, Lauren
Trouble at the Tangerine by McDunn, Gillian
Amulet by Kibuishi, Kazu
Hunting for hidden gold by Dixon, Franklin W
Heroes by Gratz, Alan
Claudia and the Bad Joke by M. Martin, Ann
Cat kid comic club by Pilkey, Dav
Goblin Monday by Stine, R. L
Uprising by Nielsen, Jennifer A
Last Laugh by Alexander, K. R
Not Quite a Ghost by Ursu, Anne
Amil and the after by Hiranandani, Veera