Dino-Hanukkah by Wheeler, Lisa
The Big Cheese by John, Jory
Why did the monster cross the road? by Stine, R. L
We could fly by Giddens, Rhiannon
Dog Man by Pilkey, Dav
Pinkalicious and the pinkamazing little library by Kann, Victoria
I Live With a Learning Disability by Earley, Christina
Game of freedom by Tonatiuh, Duncan
I Live With Autism by Earley, Christina
I Live With ADHD by Earley, Christina
Snow day by Quigley, Dawn
Out cold by Higgins, Ryan T
How to catch Santa Claus by Walstead, Alice
Bruce and the legend of Soggy Hollow by Higgins, Ryan T
Lila Greer, teacher of the year by Beaty, Andrea
Dawn of the light dragon by West, Tracey
The skull by Klassen, Jon
Juneteenth by Garrett, Van G
Legend of the Star Dragon by West, Tracey
Penelope Rex and the problem with pets by Higgins, Ryan T
Fox has a problem by Tabor, Corey R
Curious George by Rey, H. A
If I was a horse by Blackall, Sophie
La guitarrista by Diaz, Lucky